About the project


The project ‘European Network for Women’s Sport Promotion’ ran in 2016.

The overall objective of this project was to establish a European Network for Women’s Sport Promotion, with particular attention to women in risk of social exclusion (e.g. immigrants) and of racial discrimination. To achieve it, the project had three main operational objectives:

Network building – Linking stakeholders working in the field of sport and social inclusion/emancipation of women. The network will be composed by NGOs, such as Foundations, Institutes and Associations, but also by Clubs, Universities, etc.;
Promote awareness-raising initiatives/events related with women’s sport and physical activity;
Stimulate further initiatives in the ground (post-project) related with women’s sport

Partners of the project
International Sport and Culture Association, Denmark – ISCA
Union Italiana Sport per Tutti, Italia – UISP
Foundation Sporting Clube de Portugal, Portugal – FSCP
Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands (KCSportNL)