Women & Sports

The project ‘European Network for Women’s Sport Promotion’ ran in 2016.
The overall objective of this project was to establish a European Network for Women’s Sport Promotion, with particular attention to women in risk of social exclusion (e.g. immigrants) and of racial discrimination.

European Network for Women’s Sport Promotion
Funded Erasmus+ Sport program
Project leader: Foundation Alice Milliat


“Sport is part of every man and woman’s heritage and its absence can never be compensated for.” – Pierre de Coubertin

As part of the project, the partners organised two international activities for women under the EU’s #BeActive European Week of Sport in 2016: the #BeActive Connected Run and the European Women’s Sport Day (Alice Milliat Challenge).

Apart from communication activities directed on the general public on international level, all partner countries organised themselves activities to promote women’s participation and equality in sport in their respective countries. For instance ISCA, based in Denmark, launched a knowledge platform, with women and sport initiatives The platform is aimed to be a source of inspiration that any organisation can use to discover tried-and-tested ways of promoting women’s participation at all levels of sport, particularly at a community level, in Europe and beyond.
The online information contains around 60 examples on women’s sports initiatives, which include guidelines, recommendations, studies, toolkits, events and inspirational campaigns for women in the field of sport and physical activity. http://womeninsport.isca.org/project/

As part of this project, KC sport organised two events in the Netherlands to promote attention for women in sport:

The first event took place in 29th June 2016, in Utrecht, where experts gathered to discuss the actual situation of women in sport and to define strategies to strengthen women’s position in sport. Main themes were women’s participation in sport, women as trainer/coach, women in boards of sports organisations and women sport and media. Key words of the meeting, in which both women and men participated, were more visibility of women, role models and support from men in all 4 aspects of women in sport.

The second event took place on 13th December 2016. Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands organised together with NOC*NSF, the national sports federation, an open dialogue about women in national sport boards. Purpose of the meeting was to discuss with current and potential board members, and experts (both women and men) the challenges and strategies related to increase the number of women in boards. Some of action points formulated concerned to increase support from experienced female board members for young new board members, to scout, coach and educate potential female board members and create more publicity around and to re-inforce the use of the database of female board members. Another recommendation was to install an award for the most divers sport board!