Sport Inclusion

Sport Inclusion – Full Participation in Sport by Persons with Disabilities is co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus + program and will run from January 2018 to June 2020.

This project focuses on promoting the full participation and social inclusion of people with disabilities in and through sports, physical activity and the promotion of healthy living habits; through the development of a European model for inclusion.

Sport inclusion

This project intends to increase the active and effective participation of the target group in the practice of sports and physical activity, aiming at the:

  • Research and formulation of recommendations for inclusive practices, providing a model for the inclusion in sport by people with disabilities;
  • Stimulation of social and sports participation, of personal and social development;
  • Training of technicians for cooperation between areas (health, education, clubs and municipalities) and their professional qualification for inclusion;
  • Develop the role of promotion and encouragement of physical activity and the adoption of healthy lifestyles;
  • Create a knowledge platform accessible to all;
  • Stimulate volunteering and active participation in society and sport, as expressed in the EU guidelines on social inclusion and equal

The outputs of the project are:

  1. Guide to the analysis of good practice at national level in the field of inclusion through sport
  2. Guide (s) for the development of the European Model of Inclusion in Sport
  3. Guide (s) of intervention support material (adaptation and / or construction)
  4. Elaboration of a common training curriculum
  5. Specific website of the project
  6. Guide (s) of actions promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in the sports field

It is intended that InSport Project will have a strong impact in promoting the full participation and social inclusion of people with disabilities in and through physical activity, allowing the promotion of strategies that increase opportunities for the participation of people with disabilities in the community.

Project organization

It is coordinated by the APCAS-Cerebral Palsy Association of Almada Seixal (Portugal) and has different partners:

  • European Paralympic Committee [EPC] (Austria);
  • TAFISA-The Association for International Sport for All (Germany);
  • UNESCO Chair, Tralee Institute of Technology (Ireland);
  • Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (Portugal); and Knowledge Center for Sport Netherlands (The Nederland).