14 factors to prevent dropout from sport

The Erasmus+ Sport project Keep Youngsters Involved (KYI) identified factors that prevent youngsters from dropout from sports, by a rapid review of conducted literature. Next to the published literature search, also grey literature was gathered from the partner countries.

In total, nearly 150 factors were found to be linked with sports dropout in youngsters, but it was decided to focus on the factors that were known to prevent youngsters from sports dropout.

Sports Dropout Definition

The prolonged absence of systematic practice and competition, either in one sport (sport-specific dropout) or all sports (sport-general dropout).

Description of factors to prevent youngsters from dropout from sport

Actions explain how factors can be associated with the prevention of youth sports dropout. Each factor is accompanied by examples of actions which can be used to achieve the factor.

14 factors to prevent youngsters from dropout from sport

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This short movie shows you what youngsters think of sport and what their motivational factors are to participate in sports.