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European Prize for Social Integration through Sport: and the winners are…

Five projects were rewarded with a prize by a European jury for their impact, their innovative character, the strength of the partnership involved and the attention paid to vulnerable groups, out of more than 200 applications submitted across 22 countries. In addition, around 20 projects that were deemed of particular interest by the jury have been selected to be published alongside the five winning projects in the collection of practices presented below.

The prize was split into five distinct categories in order to highlight the angle of action and the groups targeted by the practices, but also to promote a certain number of values and principles shared by members of Efus and project partners. The following categories were therefore chosen: prevention and fight against racism, promotion of gender equality, integration of marginalised populations, integration of populations at risk and finally, education for active citizenship or fair play.

The five winners of the Efus European Prize for Social Integration through Sport were announced on Sunday 3rd July in Saint-Denis, as part of the Euro 2016 Debates, organised by the French Agency for Education through Sport (APELS)

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About the project

The objective of the SPORT+ project was to identify sport-based prevention practices which contribute to community building and the dissemination of messages of respect, citizenship, the fight against discrimination and racism and the prevention of all forms of violence.
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Project activities

The work that has been done during this project was organised around several activities. Partners worked together and took a few steps to get to the result of the project; rewarding winning practices and a dissemination of best practices.
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European Practices for Social Integration through Sport

The project European Practices for Social Integration through Sport, implemented in 2015-2016, funded by Erasmus+ Sport, concerned the organisation of an European Prize for social inclusion through sport.
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