Project activities



The work was organised around the following activities: definition of the Prize; call for practices; jury meetings; Prize ceremony at the same time as the Euro 2016 European Football Cup; organisation of five “Local Sport Days”; production of videos presenting the five winning practices and, finally, the dissemination of the best selected practices.

Following steps were taken;

1) Collection and exchange of practices from municipalities and sport organisations within eligible Erasmus + countries. Practices were gathered around five categories for the Prize (such as: gender equality in sport, people at risk, anti-racism, community inclusion, etc.).

2) Review of all practices by experts from the partner countries. Identification of winners and 5 best practices for each of the 5 categories related to social inclusion through sport.

3) “Local Sport Days”: winners of the Prize (for each of the five categories and from 5 different EU countries), had to organise a local sport day aiming at raising awareness of the specific topic of the winning practice. This was also an occasion of presenting the project to the public, welcome other EU participants from partner cities and organising meeting between sport organisations in order to foster mutual respect and help sport organisations’ representatives build cooperative relationships with the help of local authorities;

5) the writing of a guide-book based on local practices for local authorities on the role of sport as a tool for tackling violence, racism and intolerance and to foster social cohesion. This publication was disseminated among Efus’ members. Regular news on the project was posted on Efus’ website and included in its newsletters, and on Efus’ online platform.

About the project

The objective of the SPORT+ project was to identify sport-based prevention practices which contribute to community building and the dissemination of messages of respect, citizenship, the fight against discrimination and racism and the prevention of all forms of violence.
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Project result

Five projects were rewarded with a prize by a European jury for their impact, their innovative character, the strength of the partnership involved and the attention paid to vulnerable groups, out of more than 200 applications submitted across 22 countries.
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European Practices for Social Integration through Sport

The project European Practices for Social Integration through Sport, implemented in 2015-2016, funded by Erasmus+ Sport, concerned the organisation of an European Prize for social inclusion through sport.
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